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Datuk Koo Chin Nam is the notary at your service.

A notary public may charge fees as provided by the Notaries Public (Fees) (No. 1) Rules 1981 (published as PU(A) 198/81). The Rules were made by the Rules Committee and came into force on 1st August 1981. The Rules repealed the Notary Public (Fees) Rules 1954.

The fees payable to notaries public are:

Item Matter Price (RM)
(a) Attending attesting execution by one person of any document not otherwise specifically described in these Rules RM25.00
For each additional party RM10.00
Perusing and marking exhibit RM5.00
Notarial Seal where Certificate not required RM10.00
For each additional party RM5.00
Certificate of Declaration of due execution by one person RM25.00
For each additional party in the same Certificate RM10.00
(b) Examining and certifying as to the correctness of the copy of any document per folio RM10.00
Notarial Certificate and Seal to name RM30.00
(c) Notarial Certificate and Seal on Certificate of Origin or Consular Invoice, including attendance and perusal of supporting documents RM30.00
(d) Taking Statutory Declaration by one party and attesting RM25.00
For each additional party RM10.00
Perusing and marking exhibit RM5.00
Notarial Seal RM10.00
(e) Bills of Exchange
Noting, including registering facsimile copy RM15.00
If over $5,000 or equivalent in foreign currency RM25.00
Protesting, including registering facsimile copy RM30.00
If over $5,000 or equivalent in foreign currency RM45.00
The fees in this sub-paragraph are exclusive of travelling expenses incurred by the notary public’s clerk for the purpose of presenting a Bill, and where the clerk is required to be absent from the office for more than hour an additional charge at the rate of $15.00 for each subsequent hour shall be made.
(f) Ships Protests
(i) Noting
Noting protest against weather or sea, including attendance and entering in register
Noting protest against sinking, collision or other unusual occurrence, including attendance and entering in register –
Not exceeding 3 folios
Each additional folio
Certifying copy of Note of Protest including Seal –
Not exceeding 3 folios
Each additional folio
(ii) Extended Protests
Drafting and engrossing and entering in register –
Not exceeding 5 folios
Each additional folio
Taking Statutory Declaration from master of vessel and affixing seal
For each additional party
Certifying copy of Extended Protest with Seal –
Not exceeding 5 folios
For each additional folio
(g) Duplicates
In respect of any duplicate for which a notarial act is required at the same time as the original the fee shall be one half of the fee in respect of the original.
(h) In the following cases a notary public may charge such fee as may be reasonable in the circumstances:
(i) For any notarial act not specifically mentioned in these Rules;
(ii) For special attendance time required for interpretation from a language to another save and except the National Language into English or vice versa;
(iii) For providing uncertified copies of any document.
(i) The above fees are exclusive of stamp duty and are applicable to work done in the notary public’s office. For attendance by the notary public outside the office a special fee may be arranged.
(j) In case of hardship or for other special reason a notary public may waive all or any part of the fees payable.

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